Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Disposable Palm Leaf Tableware – The Perfect Solution for Green Parties and Weddings..!-leaftrend

Parties and weddings are great fun, but the amount of mess they leave behind can be staggering. While tablecloths can be washed and floors can be scrubbed clean, there’s no simple way to get rid of the standard disposable tableware normally used during these special events. The popular plastic and styrofoam disposable tableware is an environmental nightmare, taking up to hundreds of years to decay, during which it pollutes the soil and groundwater and can have a negative impact on the animals in the surrounding area as well.

Any Alternatives?

But bringing your own china to parties and weddings isn’t a feasible option either. Even when the party or wedding takes place in your home or close to it, and you could at least theoretically carry that heavy tableware with you, you won’t have nearly enough for every guest, and to complete your set with pieces borrowed from neighbors is just ugh! Buying more tableware isn’t an option either, since good china will up your wedding or party costs tremendously.

The Green Way: Palm Leaf Tableware

Did you know that you have an environmentally-friendly, inexpensive, stylish alternative to standard disposable tableware? Palm leaf tableware -- plates and bowls and even cutlery -- is made exclusively from fallen palm leaves, making it 100% natural, 100% biodegradable. And since palm leaf plates and bowls are available in many different styles including round, square, rectangle, and heart-shaped, and have a unique texture, they catch the eye and look great on any party or wedding table. Not to mention that they are sturdier than plastic tableware, saving your guests from embarrassing accidents, like when the plate heavy with food buckles into their lap.

Ready to Go Green?

Disposable palm leaf tableware helps you go green without breaking the bank. Available at an affordable price, it’s the most eco-friendly and sensible choice for parties and weddings of all sizes, as well as for any other events where food is served. It doesn’t matter whether you serve two courses or six -- disposable palm leaf tableware can handle them all in style.

Don’t let your party or wedding become an environmental disaster. Go green. Choose disposable palm leaf tableware.

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